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Sharon's Invitation to Sacred Loving


Our sexuality is core to how we interact with the ourselves, our lovers, our world.  When we open to the fullness of our enlivened sexuality we empower and enrich all parts of our life.   Unfortunately, many of us have been cut off from this natural  flow of essential creative life force.    We experience our sexuality through the veils of conditioning, beliefs and stories we’ve been told by society, our parents, churches, media etc.   When it comes to sex, shame, guilt and fear are the major emotions most of us have been imprinted with. Consequently; we’ve learned to cut ourselves off from our most abundant, powerful source of vitality and aliveness.

Where did you get your sex education?  Giggling chats with girlfriends or in the boys’ locker room?   Movies and TV shows?  Conversations or lack of conversations from embarrassed parents?   Trial and error with lovers who knew a little more or a little less than you did?  Most of us have had a pretty poor education in the area of sex; yet,  we’re expected to naturally know how to keep fun, healthy, intimate, passionate sex alive and flourishing in our intimate relationships.   Most of us haven’t been very successful at this. Over time sexual intimacy and connection often wanes and one or both partners end up feeling unfulfilled.

The Sacred Loving weekend is the sex education you never got.  It’s a safe, non-judgmental opportunity to explore and awaken to your birthright of joyful, ecstatic sexual life expression.

In a blend of conversation, simple techniques & practices, demonstrations, and fun homeplay we lead couples through a 4 day journey that will deepen the intimacy, love and connection between the two of you. 

You’ll begin to unravel the conditioning and beliefs that no longer serve you and have gotten in the way of experiencing an enlivened, vital life expression. 

We’ll explore the differences between men and women’s sexual makeup and desires and learn how to use these differences to compliment and deepen our love connection, passion and sexual bliss.  You and your lover will become partners and co-creators of your lovemaking.

You’ll be given the invitation to awaken to your unique expression of sensuality and sexuality as you expand your capacity to experience greater ecstatic blissful pleasure. 

Not only will you learn to be the most exquisite lover for your partner;  you’ll also learn simple, sweet ways to cultivate juiciness and depth in all parts of your relationship by weaving magic moments of love and connection throughout your day.  And, when there is a disconnection (yes, they will still happen!), ways to quickly and lovingly come back into harmony.

We call this extraordinary journey  “Sacred Loving”  from our own experience of inviting God into our bedroom and transforming our lovemaking into the sweetest  sacrament.   Just imagine, how YOUR lovemaking might be different if you embraced intimate sexuality as spiritual practice and invited God into your bedroom?

I invite you to come find out for yourself.  Join us for Sacred Loving